Minutes of the 1990 Annual General Meeting

Circulation of Annual Report

This was circulated prior to the meeting.

Opening of the 1990 Annual General Meeting

The Chairman of the meeting (the Chief Executive, Luke Howard) opened the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.


Andrew Campbell (Head of Diamond) and Scott Folley (Deputy Head of Commodore Department) were unable to attend because of prior committments. Joshua Samuel (Former Head of Apple Department) was unable to attend, 'though that was not of significant important as he has resigned. However, he was invited to be an observer. Karen Wirth (Company Secretary), was unable to attend because of prior committments, as was Simon Jenkins (Head of Sound Programming).

Paul Fenwick Head of Commodore Department
Luke Howard Chief Executive
Ben Halliwell Head of Graphics Programming
Tony Wirth Managing Director
Peter Lee Head of Development
Joshua Reich Head of IBM Department

Scott Folley's Report

Scott Folley's report was unavailable at the time of printing the Annual Report, however it was read out to the attendees of the Annual General Meeting. Those who didn't attend and wish to obtain a copy may contact the Head Office. The following points were outlined in the report.

Scott Folley indicated that he wanted to pass on 'confidential' information. This was taken not as a threat to DataServe's internal security but rather as a sign of enthusiasm. He said in his report that he had written several educational programs and was intending to make more advanced products such as word-processors in due course.

Paul Fenwick's Report

Paul had no written report that he had submitted for publication and so it is unavailable. However, he did say that he was interested in obtaining a Max-232 chip to transfer encrypted files from the IBM to the Commodore 64. He pointed out that he has numerous programs obtained via a modem connected to his Commodore. He also alerted us to the possibility of uploading demonstrations of our products onto bulliten board systems.

Luke Howard's Report

Luke's report was read out to the attendees by Tony Wirth. No additional points were questioned. It is part of the Annual Report.

Joshua Reich's Report

Joshua's report was unavailable at the time of printing the Annual Report, however it was read out and distributed to the attendees of the Annual General Meeting. Those who didn't attend and wish to obtain a copy may contact Joshua Reich on xxx xxxx. The following points were outlined in the report.

Joshua said that he had sold an inventory program to Video Classrooms Australia for $4.95. He also indicated he had written Graphar 9.5, and update to his simple, high0level mathematicians' language. An unidentified attendee noted that he had 'been sucked into chaos [theory]'. Luke pointed out that Joshua therefore must be the suckee. Joshua also told the meeting that had produced null-modem cables and plans to make a robot.


Paul Fenwick commenced writing minutes.

Passing of motions

Tony Wirth commenced passing motions. Laughter from attendees. The Chairman requested order. Recommendation from Luke that Tony commences eating prunces. Voting commenced.

Peter Lee's Report

Peter Lee demonstrated a program (called 'Inputer' as not to conflict with the BASIC 'INPUT' statement) that allows you to receive input from the user for a specific number of characters and not let extra characters upset a carefully designed screen setup.

Ben Halliwell's Report

Luke commenced reading Ben's report, published in the Annual Report. Ben subsequently pointed out that he was writing, in conjunction with Simon Jenkins (not present).

Andrew Campbell's Report

Joshua commenced reading Andrew's report (he was not present), published in the Annual Report. The general feeling was that it was very good of Andrew to get the development contract with his father's civil engineering firm. After the Annual General Meeting concluded, Andrew told Luke in a undocumented (sic) conversatino that he had already received two orders for the DosWorks tutorial package, which he expects to sell approx. $50 each.

Fixing of Epson

Joshua told the meeting that he had fixed an Epson computer belonging to his mother's work which was, according to several other computer consultants, unfixable. A substantial financial reimbursement is expected from this, 'though it is not as much as he initially thought.

Tony Wirth's Report

Tony Wirth presented his report, not written or published. The AutoCar manual (a manual for a car-rental product running under HyperCard) was circulated, as was the DataServe Macintosh Catalogue, and the database of staff members. Tony requested that informatino re favourite foods and sports etc byforwarded to him for the database. Paul noted yjr (sic) importance of conservation. Tony referred the meeting to the topic of advertising, or rather the lack of it. It was also suggested that we lower our prices, and the idea of demonstrations was again mentioned. Also, it was suggested that we have leaflets that we can post out.

DataServe January-Febuary 1991 Forum

Following are a number of points you ought to be aware of. If you have any queries, please ring me on 509 8524.

Businses cards

I have created the artwork for ten business cards, one for each person. They were printed out at 300dpi on a Hewlett Packard DeskWriter, 'though if we need to I can get them done typeset-quality. Andrew has offered to see if his sister can get them printed, 'though if she can't I can arrange that.

Annual General Meeting

Thank you to those who turned up to the meeting. The minutes are detailed above.


As mentioned in the Annual Report, there has been a fairly disappointing result re returning of surveys. If you have one that you haven't filled out, or you don't yet have one, please fill it out or obtain one from me.

Annual Report

Everyone should have got an Annual Report. If you haven't please see me.


The motion concerning minutes was not formally put forward, 'though I recommend all meetings to do with DataServe have minutes taken down.

Summer Seminars

In 1992 we are holding a week of seminars to be taken by members of DataServe. We are also having committee meetings during that period. Everyone is required to take part in it! It should be fun. More details later.

Motions passed

Some motions were passed during the AGM. Please contact Tony on xxx xxxx for more information on what they were.


If you want the new DataServe letterhead please ring me.

Design a logo competition

If you are good at drawing then perhaps you would like to enter the Design a logo competition. Send in all artwork to me. No originals please - you know Australia Post. The entries will be judged by the guy who does the ads for my Dad's work, if I'm lucky. The winner will have his logo used as a logo for DataServe. The winner's entry will be collected in person for the final artwork. Please try and make it reproducable on computer.

1991 General Meeting

In January of 1991 we are having a general meeting. Here is some information regarding it sent to me by Andrew. You may have received this already.

Date:            12-20 January 1991
Chairman:       Andrew Campbell
Venue:        Diamond Software Development
                    Brighton Victoira 3186
RSVP:        xxx xxxx

As you may have heard, a general meeting will be held over the holidays to discuss plans for a committee reshuffle and to also cover the topics that were not covered at the 1991 AGM.

It would be greatly appreciated if you were able to attend this meeting, as not all members have had the chance to see each other. At present, it looks as if the meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 January, 'though this may be changed to some time later in the week.

Please try to keep yourself available from 12 January to 20 January. The meeting will be held sometime in between these dates. No presentation will be required at the meeting.

If you will have difficulties attending, or have any other queries, you can contact me on (03) xxx xxxx or Luke on (03) xxx xxxx. So far I have not organised times, but I will contact you early January to fill you in on the details.

(C) 1990 DataServe Computer Software Development
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